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US Divers Aquamatic

The "Aquamatic" was a unique regulator.
It was not American made but rather was imported from Europe where it was produced under a Cousteau-Gagnan patent. In Europe at that time the standard of the industry was to suppy air over the left shoulder rather than the right, therefore upon close examination it will be noted that the mouth piece is of-set for for delivery from the left side.

It was introduced in 1957 @ $29.95 and listed in the 1957 catalog as "AM" It was not immediately accepted by the established diving community; "the hose was too small to deliver adequate air and bubbles obscured the vision of the user" or so the objectors stated.  In 1958 it obtained a catalog part number of 1003 and the price was increased to $37.50.

It obtained it's place in history by being the first American marketed regulator to introduce a neck strap as standard equipment . It was also offered this years as a hooka unit and was designated #1011 "Hooka Matic" and was marketed at $27.00.

In 1959 it was offered in three models. The Standard and the Hookamatic models were essentially the same configeration and price as the 1958 model.

A new model the #1018 "Deluxe Aquamatic" was introduced priced at $47.50 . It was based on an entirely new second stage which was unique in that it had a built in snorkel and a clearing (purge) button. The snorkel was activated by turning the valve on the snorkel body which concurenly closed off the passageway to the regulator. This was the first regulator with a built in snorkel but not the first with a purge button.
In 1960 the three models remainded the same:same part numbers, same price, same configeration. However, the color of the model #1018 mouth piece snorkel unit was changed to a bright Yellow and the purge button was pronounced and protruded from the mouth piece.
Sill another model was introduced, the #1019, the "Professional Aquamatic" which was priced at $70.00. It introduced the 1025 second stage which was utilized in the US Diver's line for several years as the "Calypso second stage"
In 1961 three regulators were marketed, the #1018 Deluxe Aqua Matic @ $39.95, the 1003 standard Aquamatic @ $37.50 and the Hooka Matic @ $27.00.
1961 was the last year this model series was offered. US Divers began marketing other more modern single hose regulators; the very sucessful 1030 Calypso @ @70.00 and the Aqua Dive @ $35.00.
Therefore there were four Aquamatic models the Standard # (AM) 1003, the Delux #1018, the #1019 the Professional and #1011 the Hooka Matic.
They were not a great or even good regulator but they were a very unique unit and certainly deserves a place in diving history. One of the first single hose regulators, one of the first with a purge button, one of the first single hose hooka units ,one of the first to be made of plastic and the first with a neck saftey strap and a built in snorkel.

Info provided by Dr. Sam Miller

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