Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Norseman "Beer Can" Regulator

Norseman Regulator was made from 1958-63 by Christensen Tool & Engineering Inc. of Norwalk, CT. This regulator was also labeled as Viking and there were 5 models. Four were consumer and 1 military. The Norseman pictured with its original box, is the military version and differed from the others by having the intake and exhaust hoses labeled.

This unit is one of possibly less than 100 ever made for the military. It has been stripped of some of the features on other models. It is missing the flush/reserve, and the air tap port. All the Viking/ Norseman regulators came with US Divers hoses and straight Kleer E-Z mouthpiece. I have the Navy manual for the regulator that shows the parts explosion, pre-dive check list, and basic how-to use. The regulator came with 2 allen wrenches ans a pair of spanner pliers.



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