Saturday, August 08, 2020
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I would like to share my collection of vintage scuba equipment with you. The collection and interest of the old gear started in 2000 after I had been buying and selling some of the vintage gear. I decided to try a double hose regulator and that is all it took.

Vintage Scuba & Me

As a child, I was a competition swimmer from age 5 to 12 and had a passion for water. I enjoyed the ocean on the family vacations and liked fishing as well. Becoming a teenager, life and interests change. I found that doing odd jobs like yard work kept me busy and also put some money in my pocket. I soon had a small lawn care business and my swimming interests were gone.

Years later, 1990 at a fund raising Christmas party, I had my interest sparked to try scuba diving One of the local dive instructors offered an open water class for anyone that would make a $75 donation to the charity. I decided to take the plunge. I was able to also take another raffle winning and trade some else for the mask, snorkel, and fins they had won and did not need. During my checkout dives at Crystal & Rainbow rivers, I was already into underwater photography. I performed my test out dives with a camera in my hand. 9 years later, I caught the vintage scuba equipment bug and enjoy collecting and diving some of the old gear.

I would probably have to give credit to Captain Cousteau for my interest in the sport of scuba diving. With the interest of vintage scuba equipment, I have made new friends and business associates that have the same passion as I. If you have an item that I do not have on my site, I welcome you to contact me and we can discuss the purchase of it.

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