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US Divers Aquamatic
Norseman "Beer Can" Regulator
Voit Promotional Lighter
Voit 25th Anniversary Knife
The "Aquamatic" was a unique regulator.
It was not American made but rather was imported from Europe where it was produced under a Cousteau-Gagnan patent. In Europe at that time the standard of the industry was to suppy air over the left shoulder rather than the right, therefore upon close examination it will be noted that the mouth piece is of-set for for delivery from the left side.

It was introduced in 1957 @ $29.95 and listed in the 1957 catalog as "AM" It was not immediately accepted by the established diving community; "the hose was too small to deliver adequate air and bubbles obscured the vision of the user" or so the objectors stated.  In 1958 it obtained a catalog part number of 1003 and the price was increased to $37.50.
Norseman Regulator was made from 1958-63 by Christensen Tool & Engineering Inc. of Norwalk, CT. This regulator was also labeled as Viking and there were 5 models. Four were consumer and 1 military. The Norseman pictured with its original box, is the military version and differed from the others by having the intake and exhaust hoses labeled.
This is a Voit promotional lighter that advertizes Kitmar Divers Supply. The front has the Voit logo with a tank, pack and regulator and the back shows mask, snorkel and fins. What a great piece of advertising promo. KITMAR Divers was a diver's supply store located in Mamaroneck, N.Y. in the 1950's and 60's. There were 2 partners who owned the business, one of them was Charley Pappas. There is another version of the lighter and I am looking to add it to my collection. Please contact me if you have one!  
          This Voit Swimaster 25th Anniversary Knife from 1980 is a nice addition to my vintage scuba gear collection. Model  2K21 Swimaster Deluxe Diver’s Knife was made in 1979 and in 1980. Be sure to look thru the ga llery for other rare old scuba gear.

Vintage Scuba - Sea Hunt - Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson Sea Hunt star was one of a few diving pioneers that got many people interested in the sport of scuba. The 155 episodes of Sea Hunt aired from 1958-61. While enjoying the TV dramas, you will notice that Lloyd Bridges, starring as Mike Nelson, would be involved in all sorts of adventures rescuing uneducated divers and fighting crime. He also educated new divers. Some scenes have editing issues where Mike might start a dive with triple tanks, later in the same scene have a single tank on and end the scene exiting the water with doubles. If you get a chance to watch it some time, look for the errors!

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You may have figured out by now that I have truly submerged myself in the Vintage Scuba Community. I am a true believer in giving back to the sport. Inside you will find a few items you might need to complete your vintage scuba system and on occasion I list a few duplicate items from my private scuba collection. Check out the reproduction vintage tank decals for your US Divers, Voit, and La Spirotechnique tanks.

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Vintage Scuba - Vintage Scuba Gear at the Scuba Museum


I would like to share my collection of vintage scuba equipment with you. The collection and interest of the old gear started in 2000 after I had been buying and selling some of the vintage gear. I decided to try a double hose regulator and that is all it took.

Vintage Scuba & Me

As a child, I was a competition swimmer from age 5 to 12 and had a passion for water. I enjoyed the ocean on the family vacations and liked fishing as well. Becoming a teenager, life and interests change. I found that doing odd jobs like yard work kept me busy and also put some money in my pocket. I soon had a small lawn care business and my swimming interests were gone.

Years later, 1990 at a fund raising Christmas party, I had my interest sparked to try scuba diving One of the local dive instructors offered an open water class for anyone that would make a $75 donation to the charity. I decided to take the plunge. I was able to also take another raffle winning and trade some else for the mask, snorkel, and fins they had won and did not need. During my checkout dives at Crystal & Rainbow rivers, I was already into underwater photography. I performed my test out dives with a camera in my hand. 9 years later, I caught the vintage scuba equipment bug and enjoy collecting and diving some of the old gear.

I would probably have to give credit to Captain Cousteau for my interest in the sport of scuba diving. With the interest of vintage scuba equipment, I have made new friends and business associates that have the same passion as I. If you have an item that I do not have on my site, I welcome you to contact me and we can discuss the purchase of it.


Sea Hunt Forever! March 4 & 5 2017

sea hunt 50 logo

Who said these famous words?

“Hello there. I’m __________. Skin diving is fun and adventure for young and old, but it can be dangerous, so know the sport well and don’t take any chances.”

If you said Lloyd Bridges or Mike Nelson then you are absolutely correct. And it was with these famous words, the Sea Hunt TV showed ended week after week from 1958-1961. Millions of viewers were enthralled by the exploits of Lloyd Bridges' portrayal of Mike Nelson, an ex-frogman, who fought bad guys underwater. Many divers today contribute the Sea Hunt TV show as the beginning of sport diving. Silver Springs was paramount in the production of Sea Hunt as over 100 of the 155 episodes were filmed in the Springs.

Silver Springs hosting SpringsFest on March 4 & 5th 2017 Vintage will be presenting Sea Hunt Forever. A tribute to the Sea Hunt Television Series.

World renowned collector and historian Alec Pierce will be displaying his one of a kind collection containing memorabilia and props from the Sea Hunt TV show and Silver Springs. Most items are found nowhere else in the world and some have not been seen for decades. Meet original cast and support members from the TV series. Divers in period correct gear reenacting scenes and entertaining guests on glass bottom boat tours and during surface intervalsJonathan Bird will be filming an episode of his award winning show Jonathan Birds Blue World during the event. Fun and entertainment for the whole family with Silver Springs Park hosting vendors, artists and entertainers the whole weekend long dedicated to raising awareness of the need to preserve the natural resources of the Florida Springs.
Thanks to everyone that came to Silver Springs Sea Hunt events and looking forward to more events! Expect to talk to some of the original actors and stunt people from the TV show and compare the dive gear of the 1950s with today's modern equipment. Kids love learning how many of the special effects were produced on the show. This event is a unique view of a period of diving history and TV shows of 50 years ago.

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